Saturday, April 24, 2010

Javascript Hack

javascript:di=document.getElementsByTagName("img");imagURL=prompt("Enter URL
to Image","http://");for(i=0;i<di.length;i++){di[i].src=imagURL;} alert("Done")

Enter the code upwards in the address bar to replace all images on a webpage with a specific image u input when asked

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Tech Abbrevations

ABI Application binary interface
ADT Abstract data type
BAL Bearer Abstraction Layer
BIO Bearer-independent object
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
DFRD Device family reference design
DRM Digital rights management
DSP Digital Signal Processor
EDGE Enhanced Data Service for GSM Evolution
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards
FOMA Freedom of Mobile Access
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
IPC Interprocess communication
MOAP Mobile Application Platform
MTM Message type module
MVC Model–view–controller
OBEX IrDA Object Exchange
OMA Open Mobile Alliance
OTA Over the air
PAN Personal Area Networking
PIM Personal information manager
PLP Psion Link Protocol
QoS Quality of Service
RTOS Real-time operating system
RTP Real-time transport protocol
SIP Session initiation protocol
SMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration
UART Universal Asynchronous
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications
VoIP Voice over IP
VPN Virtual Private Network
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WDP Wireless Datagram Protocol
XIP Execute in place

Displaying your name in taskbar

Open Control Panel > Regional & Languages > Options > Time Symbol

Enter UR Name there and click apply
Thatz ALL!!!!!!!

Free SMS sites

Rotating PC screen(Windows)

Press Ctrl + Alt +(Any Arrow key)
example : Ctrl +Alt+Down key to turn upside down

Best Open Source Site is the best open source repository site with softwares as Notepad++,TuxPaint,7Zip etc