Sunday, May 16, 2010

Registry Trick : Adding 'Edit With Notepad' for every file in Right-Click Menu

Usually we open an unknown file type with "Notepad" so it would be nice to add "Edit with Notepad" option in right click menu of every file type.
Here we go :
* Open Run Dialog (Press Window Key + R).
* Type regedit & press enter

* The Registry Editor Opens Up.
* In Registry Editor goto "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell" .
* In right side pane right Click : New - Key.
* Type : 'Edit With Notepad' (without quotes) as key name .
* Now Click On 'Edit with Notepad' key and in right hand pane right click : New - String Value.

* Type Value Name : Icon
* Now Double Click 'Icon' string value and type : "notepad.exe,0" as value data.

* Right Click On 'Edit With Notepad' Key .
* Choose New - key.
* Type Key Name -  command.
* In right side pane of command key double click 'Default' and type : notepad.exe "%1" (With Quotes).
* Click OK.
* Close Regedit.
* Now Right Click Any file & u have edit with notepad option for it.
Have Fun...
For simpler option download the registry file to do all this for you....
Download here

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